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Reza Marsooli

Lab Director

Dr. Reza Marsooli is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is also the Vice President of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)-Central Jersey Branch.

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Mohammad Jamous

Ph.D. Candidate

Mohammad joined in Spring 2019. Mohammad's research is concentrated on extreme wind waves and their impacts on coastal systems, with a particular focus on beaches and dunes.


Maria Venolia

Ph.D. Candidate

Maria joined the lab in Fall 2020. She studies wind-generated wave climate change and variability. Her research advances the understanding of wave climate from a wave spectra perspective.

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Ph.D. Student

Alauddin joined the lab in Fall 2021. Alauddin's research is focused on water depth and velocity hazards associated with coastal flooding in a changing climate.


Erfan Amini

Ph.D. Student

In Fall 2021, Erfan joined us as a Ph.D. student in Ocean Engineering. His current research focuses on the benefits of natural and nature-based solutions for mitigating the impacts of storm surges and waves on coastal communities and infrastructure.

Former Lab Members

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Yifan Wang

Ph.D. (2021) 

Yifan's dissertation focused on hazards associated with combined floodwater depth. She studied the effects of sea-level rise on flood hazards in New York City's built environment.


Daniel Rosenberger

Master's (2021)

Daniel accomplished his research thesis by utilizing a phase-resolving wave model to quantify the benefits of vegetation for mitigating wave impact loads.

Undergraduate Research

Summer 2020: Julia Selleck (junior in Civil Engineering)
Summer 2021: Angelina Dresser (junior in Civil Engineering)
Summer 2022: Cleo Shannon (freshman in Ocean Engineering)

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