Welcome to Marsooli Research Lab in the Ocean Engineering Program 

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Stevens Institute of Technology



  • Educate the next-generation of engineers and scientists who tackle next -generation of challenges in the era of climate change. 

  • Generate new knowledge and science-based information to improve understanding of and resilience to water related hazards.



  • Generate science-based and validated data and information

  • Develop and use new and innovative methods

  • Conduct multi- and inter-disciplinary collaboration

  • Increase diversity in STEM

  • Promote science outreach



  • Coastal Flood hazards assessment

  • Climate change impacts 

  • Nature-based flood mitigation

  • Wave-current interactions

  • Dam/levee break/breach

  • Sediment transport

  • AI application to coastal/ocean engineering

  • Hydrodynamic/morphodynamic model development


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